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Welcome to Lumber Jane Reclaimed Barn Beams

There is a reason these living vestiges are sought after in finer homes across the nation: they add a beauty and reverence that is almost palpable.  I seek my recovered lumber from American barns and factories across the nation – some that have stood for over 200 years and have defined our history. We take special care to restore them to adorn your home.  From the simple pattern to an ornate truss system, reclaimed barn beams are a captivating enhancement.  And they can be amazingly affordable!

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We offer three styles to suit your design goals: 1) The Barn Beam, 2) The Manchester, and 3) The Newport.

To see Videos of our beams being milled, during the razing process, and other cool steps along the way, see our Videos page.

To start shopping for the perfect style for your project, click here to see our Styles page.

If you need ideas for patterns to lay your beams out, see our Patterns page.

And if you require additional services to your beams for swift and easy installation, see our Options page.

To see Lumber Jane Reviews, click here. Lumber Jane Millworks reviews are available right here.
Style 1 The Barn Beam
Style 2 The Manchester
Style 3 The Newport
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