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Reclaimed Barn Beams Options

We offer a few different services to make incorporating our Reclaimed Barn Beams into your project easy. For example, many projects will use a certified microlam as a ridge beam. But they are aesthetically awful....so clients will want to "cap" the exposed portion with a beautiful hand-hewn barn beam. To do so, we would craft what we refer to as a "U-shaped" beam, or a 3-sided box built to size to slip over the microlam. Easy to install, and makes such a difference in the overall design of your room!

And of course we offer simpler services such as re-sawing one side for flat mounting surfaces. We will discuss these at length when you are placing your order. And of course any questions you may have, you are always welcome to ask one of our millwork professionals.





(3-sided box)
Thickness of each member = approximately 2"

5' to 12" @ $16.95/lf

<12' to 18' @ $12.95/lf

>18' to 26' @ $16.95/lf

> 26' @ $20.95/lf

The pieces are first cut from the length of the solid beam, then we glue and clamp the beams.
Side D is typically unusable, but for additional cost we will do our best to keep it in tact for you.
To order, please provide the inner dimensions. Your finished reclaimed barn beam will be 3" to 6" wider and 1-1/2" to 3-1/2" deeper.
Lead time: 4 to 15 days, depending on individual orders.
(Mill one-side of the beam off
for a flat, fresh cut surface)

This is recommended for mounting solid beams to a ceiling. Minimum removed from each side is 1". If you require a re-sawn 6" vertical x 8" horizontal, we must start with at least a 7" x 8".

Lead time: 1 to 3 days

< 20' @ $6.85/lf

> 20' @ $8.95/lf

Mortise Holes
(Fill more than 4 mortise
holes per 150 bf)
We offer free mortise hole fill services, up to 4 holes per 150 bf. We do recommend, however, leaving a small percentage of the holes unfilled. After hand-selecting your reclaimed barn beams, you can decide if you want our standard services or if you want additional holes filled. $15.95 per mortise hole