Reclaimed Barn Beam Patterns

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Patterns Suggestions for Reclaimed Barn Beams

By now, if you're looking for barn beams, you probably already have a pattern in mind. Before moving forward, or if you don't have a pattern yet but know you want to incorporate reclaimed barn beams into your project, take a look at some of these common patterns that we've done over the years. Some are simple grid patterns, others more ornate. And when you purchase from Lumber Jane Millworks, we offer custom design services. If you have a pattern in mind, not only can we make your dreams come true, but we can figure out a way to keep the project within your budgets.

Barrel   Perimeter   Ridge, Plates and Rafters
Gambrel   Queen   Scissor
Grid   Rafters   Ties
Hammerbeam   Rafters and Perimeters    
King   Ridge and Plates    


Style 1 The Barn Beam
Style 2 The Manchester
Style 3 The Newport
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